what grows past a follicle

i’m in underground traffic below the rocks of the great crisp apple city

and i am thinking of…


how it falls on the shoulders or frizzes when dry or sticks up like a porcupine


is pin straight and dark. brown and coiled wool. stiff and soft and true

or how it feels in my rough palm and grows on my chest

in little bowing curves of follicles among the cells of my skin

in its state and its unstate

in the summer time day when i wet all of the chemicals out of it because i hated the style and the woman with her frail hands on my scalp and my face was hot

and in the spring when it was suddenly long because the salon had burned and blew

in the winter where it grew on our faces and it were wrapped in bunches tendrils in cloth and scarf

in the fall when it broke and i shaved it all off

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